Elbe Launches Amatem Softgel In Style

– As Experts affirm bioavailability, patient compliance

Poised to reduce the prevalence of malaria in the country, Elbe Pharma Nigeria Limited, on 18 July 2018, officially unveiled Amatem Forte Softgel – which has been described as an innovative antimalarial, with benefits for the patients that exceed those derived from Artemether Lumefantrine in tablet dosage form.

The official unveiling of the product, was well-attended by medical experts, held at the MRC Hall of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

Dignitaries at the launch included: Managing Director, Elbe Pharma Nigeria Ltd, Sir Uchenna Obiakor; Pharmanews Publisher, Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi; GM/COO, Elbe Pharma, Shiva Kumar; Prof. O.O Adedeji; Dr Omoniyi Kayode Yemitan of the Department of Pharmacology, Therapeutic and Toxicology LASUTH; Dr W.B Mutiu;  Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris;  and representatives of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria(PSN), Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) and  National Association of Patent and Proprietary Medicines (NAPPMED).

From L-R Pharm Shiva Kumar GM/COO Elbe pharma, Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi Pharmanews publisher, Prof.O. O Adedeji Dean of Basic Medical sciences LASUTH, Sir Uchenna Obiakor MD Elbe Pharma, Mrs Wale Puloyi Director of drug quality control Laboratory, representing Commissioner of health during the Seminar on preventing treatment failure in Artemether-Lumefantrine & Ground round presentation on Efficacy of new Amatem Softgel Antimalaria: Studies on Bioavailability, Safety and Toxicity held at MRC Hall, LASUTH, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Speaking on the findings of a comparative study conducted on the bioavailability, efficacy and toxicity of Amatem Forte Softgel and another known brand of Artemeter–Lumefantrine tablet formulation by a group of researchers from LASUTH, Dr Omoniyi Yemitan noted that Amatem Softgel was found to be more bioavailable in the bloodstream than other brands of malaria tablets.

According to him: “It is expected that most of the drugs we take get to the bloodstream; that is what we call bioavailability. What we found out from the bioavailability study is that Amatem Softgel is more present in the bloodstream than the tablets. The implication is that Amatem Softgel can quickly attack malaria parasite in the bloodstream, than tablets.”

He further revealed that the toxicity study of Amatem Softgel did not reveal any major side effects of the drug on patients.

“The study was focused on how much of the product was found in the bloodstream and its effectiveness in treating malaria, and these showed significant positive results,” he said.

Managing Director of Elbe, Sir Uchenna Obiakor, stated that the impressive acceptance that the new product was gaining in the Nigerian market was a testament to its efficacy.

“People have started testifying about the efficacy of the product; in fact, product acceptance for a newly introduced brand is highly encouraging,” he said.

On the affordability of the product to the Nigerian populace, Obiakor noted that the company had deliberately made it easy for people to purchase the product, not minding the quality formulation used in producing it.

“Yes we have done tremendous work on this to ensure that the masses can easily afford the product,” he said. “The novel drug therapy is quite different from that of the tablet, and going by this, it is easily affordable, compared to the therapeutic benefits derived from the formulation.”

The General Manager/Chief Operating Officer, Elbe Pharma, Shiva Kumar, emphasized the import of having such a product as Amatem Forte Softgel that helps in reducing the resistance and associated treatment failures within Nigeria.

Amatem Softgel Launch
The Amatem Softgel Team at the Launch Event

In his contribution, the Brand Manager, Elbe Pharma, Mr. Augustine Aisabokhale, described Amatem Softgel as being far more affordable, “though it is more capital intensive to produce, regarding the technology behind the production.”

PSN Lagos, Endorses Amatem Softgel

We’re excited to announce that the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), Lagos State Chapter, recently endorsed Amatem Softgel as a potent and patient compliant antimalarial of choice.

This recognition is yet another special backing following Amatem Softgel’s endorsement by the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria at the 2019 ACPN National Conference which held in Kano State between June 1 – 4, 2019.

We received this recent seal of approval by the PSN Lagos at the Official Opening Ceremony of its 2019 Scientific Week. Speaking at the event, the General Manager of Elbe Pharma, Mr Shiva Kumar said: “This really means a lot to us at Elbe as it goes to show that our quest to find a superior, more acceptable antimalarial, is paying off. This journey started three years ago, and we are delighted at the positive feedback which Amatem Softgel is receiving from regulatory agencies, consumers, and the general public”. 

About PSN Lagos

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) which is poised to reduce the menace of drug abuse and misuse within Nigeria, is a society of pharmacists all over the Federation. 

Speaking at the endorsement event, the Chairman, Lagos State PSN, Pharm. (Mrs) Bolanle Adeniran shared that it was part of their obligations, as custodians of drugs, to monitor adverse drug reactions, and the degree of patients’ acceptance of a drug. 

Both of which we have evaluated, and Amatem Softgel was not found wanting in any.” 

The Publicity Secretary, Lagos PSN – Pharm. Ismail Sumonu also shared his thoughts about Amatem Softgel.

He said artemether-lumefantrine combination generally has a bitter taste and further explained that one of the unique selling points of Amatem Softgel is that it comes in a gelatin capsule, which masks the taste and odour of the combination.

“Also, in treating malaria, you realise that one of the challenges is vomiting, and for most patients, the odour of the drug triggers vomiting. But where you can mask taste and odour, you make the drug more acceptable by patients. So when we consider all of these, we realise it’s a major advantage over other brands of artemether-lumefantrine in the market,” He said.

About Amatem Softgel

Amatem Softgel successfully improves patients’ interaction with the artemether-lumefantrine combination. It is a research-based antimalarial Softgel formulation which replaced Amatem Forte- an artemether-lumefantrine tablet formulation.

Three years ago, we began our quest to find a superior and more acceptable antimalarial for our consumers and it led us to the introduction of what we currently have – Amatem Softgel.

According to Dr. Omoniyi Kayode Yemitan of the Department of Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology LASUTH, Amatem Softgel was found to be more available in the bloodstream than the tablet formulation of Artemether-Lumefantrine. The implication is that Amatem Softgel has a faster onset of action, and it’s more efficacious than tablet formulation.

Beyond its faster onset of action, Amatem Softgel succeeds in helping its users treat malaria better without an aftertaste, and it has no odour, making it easy to swallow. We considered all these characteristics during the experiment process with consumers in mind. 

For us at Elbe Pharma and with Amatem Softgel, the goal remains to find antimalarial solutions that treat malaria better and faster without nasty experiences.

Amatem Softgel is readily available in many reputable pharmacies across the Federation.