Top Standards

Our medicines have been made according to the most rigourous international standards, guaranteeing you only the best cures

Quality Products

We are a household name because we believe in providing access to healthcare at the least cost.

Extensive Product Range

We have a wide range of medicines for different ailments. A wide range means that the ELBE brand is your health partner for life

Countrywide Availability

All across Nigeria, we have a wide distribution network to ensure that our quality products reach you wherever you are, at the same price.


Elbe Pharma Nigeria

Elbe Pharma has risen in a short time to become Nigeria’s biggest local pharmaceutical company. We produce a wide range of products that strike at the core of the welfare of Nigeria by providing quality medicines ranging from anti-malarials, antibiotics, skin care products and other special category medicines.

Our Products
  • PSN Nigeria
  • PCN Nigeria
  • ACPN Nigeria
  • Pipan
  • NAIP